April 19, 2019

We removed an existing door and installed a new Clopay Model 4300 triple insulated door. Also installed a new LiftMaster model 8365-267 with WiFi. Thanks Amy Keller for your business.  

April 7, 2019

This is a Clopay Gallery Door. This door turned out amazing for this customer. Also installed new Liftmaster opener for them as well.  

March 3, 2019

This was a big job for us over the weekend. We completely removed 4 very large doors. The customer had someone install the wrong color doors and never finish the job once it was started. We ordered triple insulated hunter green doors from Amarr. Also added LiftMaster jackshaft operators. This job turned out awesome. Big […]

February 17, 2019

The door fell out of the opening. The original door was a non-insulated tin door. These are cheap doors but they just don’t have the strength to last. Replaced it with a Clopay model 4310 triple insulated with steel inside and outside. Thanks Jesse Johnson for your business.  

February 16, 2019

This door had a major facelift today. Went with a clopay model 4310 triple insulated door. Also added a LiftMaster 8365 operator with WiFi. Customer was super happy with door.  

February 2, 2019

Two 14×14 Cookson rolling steel doors with US Gear operators. These doors turned out amazing and the customer was very satisfied. Thanks Zack Marella at ZRM Enterprises for your business.  

December 31, 2018

Install that we did over the weekend. This is for the openers only. Good friend built a really nice house and gave us the opportunity to install his jack shaft openers. These are the newest models from LiftMaster model 8500WAL. Openers come with battery backup, led lights, auto lock feature, and WiFi capability. He now […]

December 23, 2018

Install that we did yesterday for a customer in Hopwood. This is the Designers Choice in the color Mahogany. Customer was very happy with door. Thanks to Chad Flowers for the referral. He did the driveway for this house. Check him out as well Concrete Masters LLC.  

December 15, 2018

Install that we did today for a fellow fire fighter of Fairchance. Non-insulated 12 by 8 door with liftmaster opener. Thanks Kerry Whoolery Sr. for you business.  

December 9, 2018

9×7 non insulated door on a steel building. Customer had a roll up door that came with this building and he got tired of fighting it up and down. We replaced it with this sectional door and it works awesome for him. Thanks Nicholas Capan for your business.  

December 2, 2018

Install that we did for a customer in Gans. He went with the Olympus model from Amarr. These doors turned out absolutely amazing and the customer was very happy with them.  

December 1, 2018

Made our way up to Normalville for this install. First picture shows the old vs the new. Other pictures show how amazing these doors turned out. This door was designed specifically by the customer using the Amarr Design A Door feature. We also replaced the openers on these doors as well. Went with LiftMaster belt driven […]

November 20, 2018

Commercial install that was done over the weekend. This is our largest install done to date. Went with Amarr commercial grade doors model 2742. The insulation value of these doors are 19.4 which will help during those cold winter months. Went with LiftMaster Hoist operators to run these doors. Doors and operators turned out awesome […]

October 28, 2018

Install that was done today. Customer chose the Classica design from Amarr. This door is well insulated with an r-value of 13.35. This door was designed using the Amarr’s Design A Door feature.  If your looking into purchasing new garage doors give us a call.  

October 23, 2018

Commercial door that was done over the weekend right in Uniontown. 16 foot wide by 12 foot tall Amarr door.  

October 22, 2018

Some before and after pictures from a job over the weekend. Customer had an old wooden door with an opener that did not work. Replaced door and added new LiftMaster WiFi opener. Big difference on how this garage used to look.  

August 25, 2018

Install that we did today. The customer went with Designers Choice Door. He designed the door on Amarr’s website which is Amarr.com. The door is fully insulated with obscured glass. He chose a bead board design. Also installed LiftMaster model 8550 belt drive with battery backup, WiFi capability, and outside keypad. It turned out awesome and he […]

August 12, 2018

This is second door we did for him. Triple insulated with short panel design in the color terratone. It went well with the block on the outside of his house. Also installed new LiftMaster opener with outside keypad and remotes giving him easy access into his basement.  

August 11, 2018

Install we did today this is 1 of 2 for this customer. 12×12 fully insulated door with an r-value of 19.4 customer was very satisfied with this door. Turned out very nice for him  

August 5, 2018

Complete install of 3 10×10 non insulated doors with LiftMaster openers. These doors turned out awesome and they are way better than the roll up doors that come with these steel buildings. Thanks Justin Shoemaker for you business. You building turned out awesome.  

August 4, 2018

Install that we did last weekend for Mike El-ayazra. Triple insulated door that went under his house. Door turned out good. Thanks for your business.  

July 24, 2018

Fully insulated door with LiftMaster opener. Thank you Jerry Laurita at Big Hoss Excavating for your business.  

July 7, 2018

Install that we did today that went under customers house. This insulated door will definitely help keep that cool air in these really hot days.

June 24, 2018

9×7 sandstone in color. Turned out very nice for the customer. Also installed new LiftMaster opener with outside keypad. Thank You Leroy Townsend for your business.  

May 6, 2018

Went from on old beat up door that has been in for almost 25 years. Upgraded to a triple insulated door with windows as well. Door turned out awesome and customer was very happy.  

April 19, 2018

We do service calls as well. This is a little accident that happened the other day. Got the door down removed bottom panel made some repairs and saved customer from having to order new panel.  

April 14, 2018

16×12 door 2 inch thick fully insulated with an r-value of 19.4. Big difference from original door. Also installed a new lift master operator.  

March 31, 2018

14×14 door that we did today for a customer. His truck unfortunately made its way thru his original door. We upgraded to a better and more insulated door and also added windows.  

March 3, 2018

This door is a triple insulated door steel-insulation-steel. He went with a long panel design on the exterior. Door turned out very nice. Thanks George Daniels for your business.      

February 10, 2018

Did an install today for a good friend. He had a wooden door with very little insulation and protection from the cold. This door is 3 1/2 inches thick with and R value of 19. He does not have to worry about the cold now. Also new lift master operator with WiFi capability and outside […]